Loop Alarms

Loop alarms provide a basic, cost effective method of protecting a small range of items or even a single item such as an expensive handbag.

Battery Loop Alarm

The BLA is a battery powered, key operated loop alarm which offers a low cost solution when protecting items on display where there is no power. Additional features include a low battery indicator and a test button.  The BLA is also available with a tilt sensor which will activate the alarm if it is moved.

Trimtrak Alarm

The Trimtrak Alarm is a battery powered unit available with a keyswitch. It can be used with up to 3 Trimtrak Battens and a variety of non LED Sygma accessories providing a low cost solution when protecting products in areas where there is no power.


Trimtrak Batten

The Trimtrak Batten is a 6 socket track that allows non LED Sygma accessories to be used with the Trimtrak Alarm.