Security systems for handbags on open display.

Alarmed Retractor MK2 c/w Loop

The Alarmed Retractor MK2 c/w protects any display item with a closed loop. Handbags, luggage, travel systems and power tools are just a few items this can work on. 

Lock In Controller

Locks the sensor in, for added security

Protects and Powers a wide range of devices using an additional security sensor

Operated via a Remote Control

Available in 2,4,6 and 8 Ports

Loop Sensor

Working together with a Security Controller

Security sensor for items with a closed loop

Battery Loop Alarm

The BLA is a battery powered, key operated loop alarm which offers a low cost solution when protecting items on display where there is no power. Additional features include a low battery indicator and a test button.  The BLA is also available with a tilt sensor which will activate the alarm if it is moved.