Alarmed Retractor MK2

The new alarmed retractor mk2 offers many security options for just about any product that needs securing on open display. This much improved, small and quite unique security device has a retractable steel cable allowing customer interaction, an anti tamper sensor for enhanced security and can be supplied in over 5 different variables depending on what product is being protected. A 2 year battery life and remote control operation, makes the management and maintenance of this security device simple.

Alarmed Retractor MK2 c/w Flexi Sensor

The Alarmed Retractor MK2 c/w Flexi Sensor is perfect for products like headphones to bluetooth speakers on open display that require a self adhesive solution. 

Alarmed Retractor MK2 c/w Loop

The Alarmed Retractor MK2 c/w protects any display item with a closed loop. Handbags, luggage, travel systems and power tools are just a few items this can work on.