Protects Smartwatches/Fitbits 

Tab Technology

Operated via a remote control

Visible LED indicator

Simple to use 

Attractive open display.

KR1 Smartwatch/Fitbits

Protects Smartwatches/Fitbits.

Tab Technology.

Secure Sensor Cable.

Audible Alarm.

Anti Tamper Protection.

Remote Control Operation.

Easy Install.

Visible LED Indicator.

Smart Band

Working together with Security Controller

Tab Technology

Visible LED indicator

Charge and Alarm Controller

Protects and Powers a wide range of devices using an additional security sensor

120 db alarm volume

Operated via a Remote Control


 Available in 1,2,4,6 and 8 Ports

Eyeloop Security Sensors

Working together with a Security Controller

Security sensor for Handbags, Luggage, ect... Anything with a handle.

Alarmed Retractor c/w Watch Sensor

The Alarmed Retractor c/w Watch Sensor is perfect for protecting any kind of watch or sports band on open display.