Security systems for handbags on open display.

Alarmed Retractor c/w Mousetrap

The Alarmed Retractor c/w Mousetrap protects any display item with a closed loop. Handbags, luggage, travel systems and power tools are just a few items this can work on. The quick release feature is great for members of staff to sell off display, quickly and efficiently.

Sygma Alarm

The Sygma is a mains powered track alarm complete with battery backup. The system is easy to operate via a keypad. Up to 10 tracks can be connected to one alarm making the Sygma a cost effective method of protecting items on display.  If a protected item is tampered with the alarm sounds, and the LEDs on the tracks or accessories light up to show exactly which items are affected. The LED display will show how many items are at risk. Also available in white.


The Myriad Track is available with either 8 or 4 ports and works via a Myriad Track Alarm. Up to 10 tracks can be connected to one alarm. Each port has an LED which lights up to show which product has caused an alarm activation. Also available in white.


8 port - 485mm x 25mm x 20mm

4 port - 305mm x 25mm x 20mm



Mini Eyeloop

The Myriad Mini Eyeloop has been specifically designed for protecting cameras and power tools. Supplied with coiled cable.

Charge and Alarm Controller

Protects and Powers a wide range of devices using an additional security sensor

120 db alarm volume

Operated via a Remote Control


 Available in 1,2,4,6 and 8 Ports

Smart Band

Wearable Technology sensor

Working together with a Security Controller

Charges and protects Smartwatches, Headphones and Glasses

Eyeloop Security Sensors

Working together with a Security Controller

Security sensor for Handbags, Luggage, ect... Anything with a handle.

Battery Loop Alarm

The BLA is a battery powered, key operated loop alarm which offers a low cost solution when protecting items on display where there is no power. Additional features include a low battery indicator and a test button.  The BLA is also available with a tilt sensor which will activate the alarm if it is moved.