Alarmed Retractor

The alarmed retractor offers many security options for just about any product that needs securing on open display. This small and quite unique security device has a retractable steel cable allowing customer interaction, an anti tamper sensor for enhanced security and can be supplied in over 10 different variables depending on what product is being protected. A 2 year battery life and remote control operation, makes the management and maintenance of this security device simple.

Alarmed Retractor c/w Watch Sensor

The Alarmed Retractor c/w Watch Sensor is perfect for protecting any kind of watch or sports band on open display.

Alarmed Retractor c/w Mini Sensor

From headphones to bluetooth speakers, electric razors to glasses the Alarmed Retractor c/w Mini Sensor can protect many different items on open display. With a cable tie slot option also available this offers that extra security element.

Alarmed Retractor c/w Mousetrap

The Alarmed Retractor c/w Mousetrap protects any display item with a closed loop. Handbags, luggage, travel systems and power tools are just a few items this can work on. The quick release feature is great for members of staff to sell off display, quickly and efficiently.

Alarmed Retractor c/w Eyeloop